WIPL-D d.o.o. is a privately-owned company dedicated to development of commercial EM software and consulting in the wide field of electromagnetism. Our products have a solid foundation in more than 20 years of cutting-edge research in computational electromagnetics and microwave engineering done at the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. The story began to unfold in 1980, when Prof. Antonije Djordjevic and Prof. Branko Kolundzija solved a square scatterer (λ × λ) problem on a IBM 1130 machine with only 16 KB of RAM, thanks to higher order basis functions which were used on a plate structure for the first time. Prof. Kolundzija completed the academic version of WIPL software in 1989, as part of his PhD thesis. The code introduced modeling with bilinear surfaces and hierarchical basis functions which are still in use today. In 1993, Jovan Ognjanovic made an entry to the WIPL theater, starting the development of the user interface.

The first commercial product that evolved from this academic effort was WIPL for DOS, released in 1995. Few years later, a windows version of the program was released, lifting the whole modeling process to a higher level. As the range of problems that could be analyzed was broadening, WIPL first became WIPL-D and later WIPL-D Pro, while other products emerged from our workshop.

In late 2002, WIPL-D d.o.o. was founded. Today, we are an expanding and vibrant company whose goal is to become a leading provider of electromagnetic modeling software. Our flagship product, WIPL-D Pro, is renowned for its accuracy and efficiency and is being used in industry and academia worldwide. Our employees, working in an active learning environment, develop quality solutions that we offer to our customers.

Our mission is to make our software tools the tools of choice of engineering professionals around the world.

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