• WIPL-D Pro CAD 2018 is now officially released!

    Published: June 5, 2018

    The new version of our solid modeler WIPL-D ProCAD 2018 brings a lot of useful features and improvements like:

    • Advanced auto-repair options for imported CAD models – automatic detection and removal of redundant model parts:
    o Coinciding faces
    o Small edges and faces
    o Open loops
    o Isolated vertices

    • New built-in geometric primitives:
    o Analytical surface
    o Segmented loop/arc
    o BoR - Body of Revolution
    o BoCC - Body of Constant Cut

    • Improved meshing
    o Reduces the number of mesh elements
    o Meshing of faces which was not possible earlier
    o Accelerated meshing procedure

    • Smart port analysis available for parametric sweep and optimization
    • Support for Sweep, Optimization and Time Domain simulations in Batch runs
    • Other options/improvements:
    o Unite all in Multiple Copy manipulation
    o Delete vertex and edge
    o Custom defined cutting planes
    o Circular and slant-polarized mode excitations now include waveguide ports intersected by (A)Symmetry planes
    o Improved Sew faces operation
    o Control points insertion via text box for polyline-like primitives…

    Check out the details of the new WIPL-D ProCAD 2018 on its page in the Products section, or simply contact our Sales team for any information related to the product.

  • WIPL-D Pro v15 is now officially released!

    Published: June 5, 2018

    The new version of our main product WIPL-D Pro v15 has just been released offering a lot of new features and improvements such as:

    • NEW generation of GPU Solver – 100,000 unknowns solved in less than 5 minutes!
    o improved efficiency of a multiple GPU setup
    o support for arbitrary number of GPUs
    o ultra-fast in-core solution for multiple excitations

    • RCS calculation using real life antenna excitation - emulation of RCS measurements
    o target illuminated by a real antenna radiation pattern (spherical wave)
    o RCS at finite and infinite distance
    o calculation of bistatic and monostatic RCS

    • Advanced GUI options
    o exporting videos from the field and the currents animation
    o graphic representation of currents for selected domains
    o advanced phase center calculation
    o real-time graphic representation of the cost function in Optimizer
    o saving the specification of used hardware in the OWP file…

    • Enhancements in DDS (Domain Decomposition Solver)
    o memory requirements reduced by an order of magnitude
    o efficient handling of multiple excitations
    o fast convergence for structures with cavities
    o GPU acceleration for sub-domain solutions
    o comparison of results after each iteration

    • Fast in-core solution for multiple excitations where CPU is used for matrix inversion
    o block forward/backward substitution
    o applicable to monostatic RCS and antenna arrays

    Memory/Solution management
    The user can choose the classes of problems where the solution for current coefficients should be stored for future reuse. The data format can also be chosen.

    • Improved CMA Solver
    o increased accuracy for eigenvalues and eigenvector calculation
    o improved mode tracking

    • GPU Cluster Solver
    o advanced resource management
    o more flexible licensing …

    If you would like to know more about WIPL-D Pro v15 feel free to explore the new options or simply contact our Sales team for more information.

  • WIPL-D Microwave Pro 5.0 is now officially released!

    Published: May 19, 2017

    The new version of our circuit solver WIPL-D Microwave Pro v5.0 has just been released offering a lot of new features and improvements such as:

    • Active linear circuit analysis including:
    o Noise analysis
    o Stability analysis
    o Gain analysis

    • Explicit ground connection for 2-port imported data files
    • Improved de-embedding of imported 3D EM components
    • Stripline library
    • Coupled microstrip and striplines are introduced in Impedance calculator
    • Waveguide analytical components with dielectric material other than air
    • One generator at a time mode
    • Other options and improvements
    o Silent run
    o Import EM components with results
    o Microstrip frequency dispersion calculation improved
    o Analytical component of coupled microstrip lines

    Feel free to explore the new options and contact our Sales team if you need more information about the product.

  • WIPL-D 2D Solver is now officially released!

    Published: October 21, 2013

    This fall we welcome a whole new product to our palette: WIPL-D 2D Solver!

    Designed to ease the process of scattering simulations and built on the approved WIPL-D code, the new product provides a friendly and rather familiar interface for modeling and simulation of cylindrical, theoretically infinitely long structures. The users who have used WIPL-D products in the past should have no problems with adjusting to it, since all integrations and the modeling logic are analogous to those in WIPL-D Pro.

    Check out the details of the new product on its page in the Products section, or simply contact our Sales team if you are curious about anything related to the product.

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  • EuMW 2018: European Microwave Week

    September 23-28, 2018, Madrid, Spain

    This year European Microwave Week EuMW 2018 will be held in Madrid, Spain.

    WIPL-D will participate in the show again, presenting its latest software releases with new capabilities.

    Additionally, during the conference, Wipl-D will deliver a MicroApps presentation: “Extremely fast GPU based simulation of MW circuits and antennas”.

    Feel free to stop by the booth #B114 to see demonstrations of innovative features of WIPL-D software for EM and circuit modeling and simulation. Our engineers would be more than glad to present all software benefits and answer all your inquiries.

    WIPL-D team is looking forward to seeing you in Madrid.

    For more information, visit EUMW website .

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