Microstrip Patch Antenna

Simulation time and requirements for EM computation of MPA (εr=10.2) are listed in the table below. The efficiency of applying symmetry and PEC plane is shown as well. Results are presented for radiation pattern and return loss.

Model of the Antenna

Parameter Value
Wpatch 30 mm
Lpatch 20 mm
Feed 7.80414 mm
Hsub 1.27 mm
Wsub 6*Hsub
Wref 4*Hsub
εr 10.2

Simulation Parameters (on Intel Core i7 950 CPU 3.07GHz)

Model No. of unknowns Time / Frequency Time / Radiation Pt.
Full with Ground 940 5.468 sec 1.138e-4 sec
Half with Ground 453 3.573 sec 6.096e-5 sec
Full with PEC 505 2.095 sec 2.397e-5 sec
Half with PEC 246 1.131 sec 7.34e-5 sec


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