Monopole Antenna Mounted on a Square Plate

Simulation times and requirements are listed in the table below, showing increase in number of unknowns when size of ground plate is increase. Even for a 10 wavelengths plate, simulation times and requirements are very small.

Model of the Antenna

Parameter Value [m]
a 1
H 0.25
Rwire 0.001

Simulation Parameters (on Intel Core i7 950 CPU 3.07GHz)

a No. of unknowns Time @ 300MHz Time / Radiation Pt.
0.5λ 13 0.1597 sec 5.42e-5 sec
λ 30 0.168 5.33e-5 sec
247 0.2908 sec 7.01e-5 sec
10λ 727 0.5944 sec 9.49e-5 sec


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