Graphical User Interface

Problems handled by WIPL-D software are organized in projects that consist of input data defining the problem and output data representing the analysis results.

Schematic and Preview screens in WIPL-D Microwave and WIPL-D Pro, respectively, allow you to monitor the progress while building a project and to correct mistakes interactively as they occur. Structure Tree in WIPL-D Pro facilitates navigation through the model, selection of model parts and all the operations performed over model parts. Open GL graphics provides an exceptional 3D view of the structure, with colors, shades and customizable illumination. Complicated or enclosed 3D EM structures can be inspected layer by layer and part by part.

Output results are displayed through Graph screen, as a 3D or 2D graph. In case of the current distribution and the near field it is possible to see animated change of the desired quantity, in time. Also, output results are available in tabular form.