Circuit and EM Co-simulation

WIPL-D Microwave component library contains closed-form and 3D EM models of components in several implementation technologies. Closed-form models are taken from well-known and asserted references, while 3D EM models are designed and tested by our development team, using the 3D EM solver, which is part of the WIPL-D Microwave package.

3D EM models enable EM simulation of design-critical components within a circuit, while other non-critical parts of the circuit can be modeled with faster closed-form models or imported s-parameter data files. 3D EM components are simulated on-the-fly, during circuit-simulation, by passing the input parameters to the 3D EM solver. This not only allows for straightforward and precise, but also efficient simulation of microwave circuits.

Any EM structure that you create in the 3D EM solver can be imported into the circuit solver and used as a circuit component. This gives you the freedom of including any kind of passive device into your circuit design. Moreover, any symbol from within the included 3D EM component can be declared as an external parameter, thus becoming visible in the circuit schematic. As a result, parameters of the closed-form components as well as parameters of 3D EM components can be optimized at the same time, based on some specified criterion.

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