Add-on Tools and Main Products Scheme

In the scheme below, place the cursor over a product to see its brief description and highlight other products it can interact with. Click on a product to go to the product-specific page. Main products are listed in the middle, while add-ons stand on the sides.

The core of WIPL-D, full-wave 3D EM frequency-domain solver base on method of moments (MoM). Uses a wire-and-plate-oriented interface for modeling and runs the simulation engine.
Interacts directly with Pro CAD, Microwave, 2D Solver and all the add-on tools except FD and AD.

The solid modeler of WIPL-D. Provides interface for easy modeling and import, converts models into simulation-ready WIPL-D projects and invokes WIPL-D Pro for simulation. Incredible meshing control allows user to increase the simulation speed by applying proper mesh.
Interacts with WIPL-D Pro, and also with GPU Solver, Optimizer and Time-Domain Solver.

WIPL-D's circuit simulator. Provides results for microwave circuits and enables co-simulation of circuit and 3D EM problems by invoking WIPL-D Pro's engine automatically.
Interacts with a number of add-on tools that increase its efficiency.

WIPL-D 2D Solver is intended for numerical electromagnetic analysis of cylindrical structures, theoretically infinitely long. The program works with 2D cross-sections (cuts) of the analyzed structure.
Interacts with WIPL-D Pro for importing 2D sections and with three add-ons.

The add-on tool that takes a parameterized project in WIPL-D Pro or WIPL-D Microwave and finds the best values of desired parameters in accordance with specified goals.

The add-on that makes WIPL-D Pro's simulation engine even faster by using GPU cards for calculation, providing the speed-up of up to 40 times.

After WIPL-D Pro or WIPL-D Microwave find frequency-domain solutions, this add-on tool uses inverse Fourier transformation to obtain time-domain solution.

The easiest way to import 2D drawing (DXF format) and convert it to simulation-ready WIPL-D 3D EM project is precisely with this tool.

WIPL-D Microwave add-on tool that provides automatic design of microwave filters based on user's specification.

Add-on tool for automatic design of antenna arrays (configuration, phase shifting...) based on user's specification.