WIPL-D Lite is a limited, low cost version of WIPL-D Microwave Pro which performs analysis of projects up to 665 unknowns. It includes version 6.0 of WIPL-D Pro and Optimizer Lite (optimization for max 2 variables is supported), and it is distributed by Artech House.

Advanced features of WIPL-D Pro (Objects, Manipulations etc.) are not supported, yet this tool provides accurate results and enables its users to efficiently simulate electromagnetic behavior of many structures. The Microwave part enables simulation of circuit structures, while the 3D EM part runs in a similar way as WIPL-D Pro and enables full-wave electromagnetic simulation, limited by the number of unknowns.

This version is used by many academics, engineers and students throughout the world because it doesn't cost much, and yet it is an accurate and reliable tool.

Limitations of the Lite version:


  • The number of nodes in the circuit is limited to 10,
  • The number of components in the circuit (without circuit ports or sources) is limited to 10,
  • The number of circuit ports is limited to 10,
  • The number of ports that any component can have is limited to 10.

3D EM structures:

  • The number of unknowns in 3D EM projects is limited to 665,
  • The number of nodes within a 3D structure is limited to 1000,
  • The number of elements of a 3D structure is limited to 1000,
  • The number of excitations is limited to 1000.

The comparison of the Lite and Pro versions of WIPL-D Microwave, with the list of improvements version-by-version, is available here.

For more information on how to obtain WIPL-D Lite, what can be done with it and possible application, contact our sales department.