White Papers by WIPL-D

Below are listed the white papers demonstrating applications of WIPL-D, grouped alphabetically by application type.


3D EM Circuits

Microwave Filters

Multihole Waveguide Coupler


Antenna Design

Rectangular Horn Antenna

Dielectrically Loaded Circular Horn Antenna

Cassegrain Antenna

Up to 200 Lambda Cassegrain Antenna Simulation

Splash Plate Reflector Antenna with Cylindrical Waveguide Feeder

Hyperboloid Lens Antenna with a Cylindrical Waveguide Feeder

Luneburg Lens Antenna Illuminated by Corrugated Horn

Crossed Exponentially Tapered Slots Antenna (XETS)

Vivaldi Antenna (EM CAD Benchmark from Nov 2000)

Ultra Wide Band Elliptical Antenna

Microstrip Patch Antenna – Measurement Comparison

Compact Multi-band Antenna for Wireless Applications

Log-Periodic Dipole Antenna

Helix Antenna

Spiral Antenna

Yagi-Uda Antenna

Ultra High Frequency Panel Antenna

Microstrip Patch Antenna Array

Waveguide Slot Array Simulation


Antenna Placement

Antenna Placement on Airbus A320

Simulation of Antenna Mounted on F16 Aircraft

Automotive Applications in WIPL-D Software

Anntena Placement on a Vehicle in WIPL-D Software

Parabolic Dish in Vicinity of a Crane

Simulation of a Frigate Warship Model on a PC



Mobile Phone in Vicinity of Human Head - SAR calculation

Planar Inverted F Antennas in Free Space and Cell Phone

Laptop Simulation – Inverted F Antenna

Simulation of Electromagnetic Shielding

Shielding Effectiveness of a Box with a Slot

PC Case - EMC Cavity Simulation

Electromagnetic Compatibility - Various EMC Examples


MW-EM Co-Simulation

Lowpass Filter Design

Effective Antenna Design Using EM and Circuit Co-Simulation in WIPL-D Microwave

Bond Wires as an Interconnect Technology


Microwave Circuits

SPDT Shunt PIN Diode Switch

Matching Network Design for Power Amplifiers

Design of a Power Detector with a Zero-Bias Schottky Diode

A Six-Port as a Wireless Communication Receiver

Modeling Wilkinson Combiner/Divider at High Microwave Frequencies

Linear Transistor Modeling Using Equivalent Circuits

Microwave Circuits


Modeling and Simulation of DRF in WIPL-D



Frequency Selective Surface in WIPL-D Software

GPU Accelerated WIPL-D Kernel

RF Propagation in Tunnels in WIPL-D Software

Simulation of Electrically Large Structures

WIPL-D 2-D Solver

WIPL-D Benchmarks


Scattering Analysis

RCS Simulation of Fighter Airplanes

Radar Cross-Section Calculation of Aircraft

Modeling of Trees, Foliage, and Complex Sceneries