WIPL-D provides software products for fast and accurate high-frequency simulations of arbitrary electromagnetic structures, all with great ease of modeling in a user-friendly interface.


The main WIPL-D tool, a powerful engine for modeling and solution of surface-meshed models, the cornerstone for every other product.

The solid modeler and importer, with the sole purpose to make the transfer of complex geometries into WIPL-D simulation-ready projects simple and easy.

The circuit simulator of WIPL-D product suite, immensely powerful tool for co-simulation of circuit and 3D-EM structures with WIPL-D Pro in the background.

Add-on Tools

News Events
  • Instructional video for WIPL-D Pro CAD has been published!
  • WIPL-D 2D Solver is now officially released!
  • We are looking for new representatives
  • New versions of WIPL-D flagship products!
  • WIPL-D (USA) is the new representative for the USA market!
  • WIPL-D Company celebrates 10 years in the market!
  • IMS 2014: International ...
    June 1-6, Tampa, FL, USA
  • AP-S 2014: International ...
    July 6-12, Memphis, TN, USA